We build sovereign technology that supports the safety and security of Australians and our allies


What we do

Consunet is an Australian enterprise recognised and trusted by the Australian Defence and Intelligence sector for our capabilities in Electromagnetic Warfare and Spectrum Management.


Trust is at the heart of all we do

Headquartered in a secure facility in the Adelaide CBD, we have operations in Adelaide, Edinburgh (SA) and Canberra, where our 100-plus AI and cyber specialists design, develop, deploy and support high-assurance software solutions that deliver enduring benefits to our customers.

Consunet’s objective is to create new, disruptive opportunities for wireless communications and autonomous systems. We lead with the vision to build Australia’s cyber and spectrum security future.

Capability Statement
Kuba Kabacinski

Our Story

From humble beginnings in 1999 and a decade of building domain expertise with a small but credible team of specialist engineers, Consunet won its first million-dollar contract in 2010 to transition a logistics software prototype into production capability. We started delivering Electronic Warfare capabilities for fast jets in 2015. At this point, Consunet was still only 9 people. In 2016 we responded to changes in Commonwealth R&D policy and invested in technology innovation to fuel growth.

In 2018, Consunet won the Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre (TAS DCRC) project to create Distributed aUtonomous Spectrum managemenT (DUST) technology. This multi-year project gave us the confidence to continue investment, and our growth story took flight. Staff numbers grew from 26 in 2018 to over 100 in 2023.

Consunet subsequently won Australia’s Electromagnetic Battle Management delivery and sustainment project, from a field that included six multinational primes. We were no longer a small business.

This is our foundation for building an Australian Defence prime capable of global relevance.

Kuba Kabacinski

Kuba Kabacinski

We all depend on spectrum in our daily lives, it’s an invisible resource that’s only now being recognised as a threat vector

Spectrum Management

What the future looks like

Consunet’s immediate business focus is on the Australian Defence market and rapidly executing growth objectives at the scale needed by our customers. We deliver all systems lifecycle stages across research, development, delivery and support.

We recognise that business innovation is necessary to complement successful technology innovation. Consunet implements Agile management standards and best practice to ensure the enterprise scales without sacrificing agility. We believe that automation, data-driven decision-making and emerging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies are essential drivers for enterprise efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness.

Consunet’s proven success in strategic Electronic Warfare capability creates a platform to pursue diversification into non-Defence markets in the short to medium term.

Consunet’s world-leading Spectrum Management technology is intended to disrupt the future of wireless communications, autonomous systems and how we interact with tomorrow’s world.

Our Values


Trust is earned, not bought, and is our principal value proposition. Trust permeates our organisation and underpins all our values.


We create enduring knowledge and technology for Australia.


We strive for excellence as a habit.


We lead with vision, innovation, and execution. In everything we do, we continuously challenge ideas, learn, and improve to exceed expectations.


We are sustainable through customer satisfaction, personnel satisfaction, business continuity, and environmental respect.

Meet the people behind the scenes

Don Gossink

Don Gossink
Chief Scientist

Egon Kuster

Egon Kuster
Chief Technology Officer

Shane Reschke

Shane Reschke
Chief Engineer

Emma Crosby

Emma Crosby
Chief Financial Officer

Peter Freak

Peter Freak
Chief of Operations

Amanda Major

Amanda Major
Iteration & Visual Communications Lead

Tony Smart

Tony Smart
Customer Engagement Lead

John Medlen

John Medlen
Program Manager

Dianna Caretti

Dianna Caretti
HR Manager

Life at Consunet

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Since 1999

How we grew

Consunet’s growth has been fuelled by our investment in people, ICT infrastructure, and accredited secure facilities, backed by successful major projects such as the Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre (TAS DCRC) project to create Distributed aUtonomous Spectrum managemenT (DUST) technology and the Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) project.

Humble Beginnings


Consunet was purchased.

First Defence Contract


Consunet celebrated its first defence contract

Management Appointment


Company constituted, Kuba Kabacinski appointed as Managing Director

Research and Development


Consultancy with an R D focus



Support to production software system delivery

Expansion Phase


Moved to offices in Thebarton 2015: Consunet-led production software system delivery commencement

Aligned for Growth


Embarked on Growth Strategy aligned to Defence EW Capability

Board of Directors


Board of Directors appointed, vision to be Australia’s leading medium sized, sovereign Cyber and EW technology company.

Research and Development Growth


Consunet registered as a Research Service Provider and embarked on spectrum management research and development activities.

Trusted Secure Systems Delivery


High-assurance software and hardware production system delivery commencement

New Offices


Moved to offices in Adelaide CBD, vision to build the Australian cyber and spectrum security future.

Management Appointments


Michael Haddy appointed as Managing Director, Kuba Kabacinski appointed as Executive Chairman.

Office Expansion


Doubled facility footprint to support 120+ staff.

Top 100


Top 100 Defence contract for FY2021 – 2022

State Finalist


Telstra Best of Business South Australian

State Finalist


SA Premier Business of the year

Working at warp speed

Technology never stands still but sometimes we have to. We recognise the need for work-life balance and a healthy workforce.