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Electromagnetic Warfare

Consunet is the prime contractor delivering Australia’s next-generation Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) solution, providing Australia’s Defence Force with the knowledge and tools necessary to make appropriate decisions about EMS use and prioritisation.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

What we do

Military operations rely on the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS, spectrum) but the fact this critical resource is finite and contested has given rise to new challenges. Worldwide, technologies that exploit, protect, deny or degrade usage of the EMS are evolving at a rapid pace. Consunet focuses its research and development efforts on real-time geospatial monitoring and management of the EMS to enable allied agility and enemy denial.

Capability Statement
Electromagnetic Warfare

Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM)

Consunet is the prime contractor delivering Australia’s next-generation Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) solution, providing Australia’s Defence Force with the knowledge and tools necessary to make appropriate decisions about EMS usage and prioritisation.

As a truly Australian-owned prime, Consunet is delivering the EMBM project using an open, scalable, software-agnostic architecture. This ensures a flexible national security capability developed and supported entirely in-country — a capability that can evolve as new challenges and opportunities emerge.

Electromagnetic Warfare solution


With both civilian and military usage of the spectrum continuing to rise, Consunet has developed a deep understanding of the cyber and spectrum security technology domain. We build, deploy and support robust, high-assurance EMS solutions that deliver allied EMS agility, more efficient use of the spectrum, Spectrum Management, and EMS exploitation, including cooperative precision geolocation capabilities.

Consunet specialises in high-assurance Information Warfare (IW), Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) and cyber systems across the full Defence capability lifecycle. Our team of systems, software and hardware engineers, data scientists, project management and ex-military specialist personnel deliver and support high-assurance EMS solutions covering EW situational awareness, signals exploitation, novel software defined radios, sensor and effector systems, EW command and control (C2), enterprise data fusion, information battlespace management, and complex, multi-system integration.

Electromagnetic Warfare research


Our doctoral-level research team applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to solve emerging EMS challenges. Consunet’s engineering capabilities leverage international standards, Agile methodology best practice, industry leading tools and state-of-the-art, secure facilities to create a high-assurance, sovereign Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) Capability Factory.

Electromagnetic Warfare research

"As the warfighter needs rapidly change and evolve, modern IW supporting systems need to evolve continuously to drive spectrum operation efficiencies. Agile delivery and DevSecOps processes ensure the warfighter can maintain a capability edge."

Shane Reschke, Chief Engineer

Electromagnetic Warfare delivery


Consunet’s Agile delivery methodologies enable Defence software capability to evolve and adapt at the speed of relevance to achieve Australia’s Defence Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy (DEMSS) vision and intent.

Working in close collaboration with the Commonwealth and warfighter, Consunet facilitates capability evolution throughout the development as an iterative process with requirements evolution, re-prioritisation, and new requirements creation throughout the entire capability lifecycle process.

Consunet uses Agile engineering methodologies to manage risks associated with traditional requirements-gathering processes and to mitigate the impact of rapid technology development on software projects. This approach is especially suited to complex problems where the technical details or solutions may not be completely known at the outset.

Electromagnetic Warfare capabilities support


Consunet’s Support Organisation framework leverages Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) as a disciplined approach to logistics planning and management throughout all phases of the capability lifecycle.

ILS is an integral part of Consunet’s domain expertise in sustainment and delivery of In-Service Defence capability. In-Service Support functions within the Support System Constituent Capabilities framework, tailoring essential and interrelated support elements that encompass people, products and processes.

Consunet’s Support Organisation focusses on achieving high-value operational outcomes to the warfighter through value-for-money support capabilities that are both cost-effective and fit for purpose.

Electromagnetic Warfare capabilities support

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