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DevSecOps and Cyber

Consunet’s services support your journey to achieving trusted, secure development practices.

DevSecOps and Cyber

What we do

Consunet’s DevSecOps is a best practice methodology for secure software delivery underpinned by Agile methodologies and management practices, combining development, security and operations into a continuous delivery approach.

To provide high assurance and trust, the Consunet DevSecOps Capability Factory considers all elements that make your project an operational success, built on the foundation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) for Agile teams.

DevSecOps and Cyber

Consunet supports your journey to achieving trusted, secure development practices

Product CI/CD Pipelines offer strategic, multi-stage security controls with shared secure and trusted code and artifact repositories.

DevSecOps Services simplify and accelerate development for effective collaboration and proactive security monitoring.

Secure Infrastructure increases trust in your products and services, freeing delivery teams to focus on your customer and user needs.

Embedded Collaboration for multi-vendor and supplier environments fosters cohesion and delivers interoperable, flexible, trusted outcomes that consider ownership using IP Frameworks and shared Code/Artifact repositories.

Trusted Governance supports ongoing accreditation and authentication of environments and products and the assurance that security processes are applied consistently.

Open-Source software and hardware interoperability standards and open architectures provide transparent, secure, trusted and flexible solutions, to support robust and emerging capabilities.

DevSecOps and Research team

Design and Delivery

Consunet designs, builds and maintains Managed Trusted DevSecOps environments that are in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid or within classified enclaves. We can deliver capability alongside existing teams or as a standalone service following Agile/systems engineering practices. These offerings support your strategic planning, risk mitigation, cost reduction, skill limitations and capacity needs to achieve a high-assurance, secure and trusted development environment that customers and users demand in an increasingly volatile cyber threat environment.

Managed Trusted DevSecOps Environments


Consunet’s services support your journey to achieving trusted, secure development practices. We offer turn-key engineering and DevSecOps environments to support new and migrated projects, or uplift your existing environments to best achieve your desired outcomes.

Maturity assessments help you plan pragmatic strategic activities, while the Consunet Advisory service provides a jump-start by identifying risks or roadblocks to your secure development capability.

Managed Trusted DevSecOps Environments

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