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DevSecOps and Engineering services

DevSecOps and Engineering Services

Our Trusted DevSecOps Factories and secure development and engineering practices:

  • Provide leading advisory and in-depth technical expertise to
    • accelerate your AI and ML investigations
    • design, build and/or maintain DevSecOps technologies and practices
    • achieve rapid Agile systems engineering outcomes
  • Provide Trusted DevSecOps Factories for secure and rapid capability delivery
  • Transform ‘low technical readiness’ to ‘production-ready’, operationally supported software products and systems
  • Support ongoing maintenance and management of your systems and products.
Capability Statement
DevSecOps and Engineering services
Engineering services


  • Transform ideas into functionality
  • Support strategic planning
  • Fill capability and skills gaps
  • Mitigate risks, known and unknown
  • Enable exploration of AI/ML concepts
  • Reduce costs, deliver faster
  • Respond to cyber security demands
  • Increase trust in your systems and products

Protecting Against Threats and Cyber Security Exploits

We offer turn-key and custom Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) analysis, engineering and DevSecOps services and environments to support new or migrated projects. Where migration is less suitable, we can uplift your existing products and environments using robust practices and patterns to implement proven technologies and standards.

Our Research and Development team provides analysis, AI and ML, and engineering investigation services to turn your idea into working prototypes or prove your concepts and ideas.

The Consunet Advisory service provides a jump-start by identifying risks or roadblocks to your secure development capability through ongoing partnership arrangements for engineering and support outcomes. Our core expertise in Spectrum Management enables us to accelerate delivery of capability from low technical readiness research right through to operational and supported capability in the hands of end users.

Consunet DevSecOps services can design, build and maintain Managed Trusted DevSecOps Environments in the cloud, on-premise, as a hybrid environment or within classified enclaves, or help plan your strategic activities through Consunet Maturity Assessments to develop action and improvement programs optimised to your risk appetite and desired value objectives.

Consunet can deliver alongside existing teams or as a standalone service following Agile/systems engineering practices. These offerings support your strategic planning, risk mitigation, cost reduction and skill limitations and accelerate delivery to achieve the High Assurance, secure and trusted development environment that customers and users demand in an increasing cyber threat environment.



Research and Development
Research & Development services

Consunet DevSecOps practices support the evolution of R&D investigations, from idea through to realisable innovation, and finally to engineered products. Our methodology allows us to scale to be appropriate to the state of maturity of the R&D being undertaken. This enables us to apply DevSecOps practices as appropriate to technology specialisations in Simulation, Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Maturity Assessments and Reviews
Maturity Assessments and Reviews

Our Maturity Assessments and Reviews identify performance enhancements, vulnerabilities and security gaps to highlight actionable improvements or recommend good practices. Articulate the target for a strong, secure foundation to provide your customers and users the confidence, trust and assurance demanded in our cyber aware market. Consunet’s discovery and review assessments capture current and desired maturity levels to support a pragmatic plan for improvement.

DevSecOps Advisory and Guidance
DevSecOps Advisory and Guidance

Consunet DevSecOps experts provide guidance on best practices, lessons learned and implementation to support your Trusted DevSecOps Capability Factory outcomes for your business or customer applications. Advisory services can range from cyber security review through to design of rapid delivery in the most rigorous Defence and engineering environments. Consunet can upskill your teams by providing access to skilled professionals to answer questions or provide guidance on complex or unique situations.

Managed Trusted DevSecOps Environments
Managed Trusted DevSecOps Environments

Consunet can build new secure infrastructure or expand on an existing DevSecOps environment using cloud, on-premise or a mixture of both. This includes support, guidance and management to ensure efficient delivery, and ongoing security and maintenance of the environment.

DevSecOps and Engineering Delivery Services

Agile engineering services are delivered using Consunet’s trusted DevSecOps CI/CD pipelines aligned with SAFe Agile and Systems Engineering processes and practices. We can work as a turnkey solution delivery team or in an integrated team alongside your own teams.

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